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WWE SuperCard Game Facts You Should Know

wwe supercard facts

WWE Supercard is a fantastic card battling game introduced by Cat Daddy games. Players can get the game smoothly on both iOS as well as Android platforms without paying any cent of money.

The match is perfect for wrestling or fighting lovers. It means they can easily play the game besides can explore endless entertainment.

The game is developed by adding fantastic kinds of elements which help users to rate it number one. Every player in the game needs to create a team of super wrestlers as well as the need to collect more cards.

Lots of game modes, challenges, battles, missions, rewards, cards are added in the game, which makes it more enjoyable. With the help of collecting supercards, in-game currencies allow users to progress faster like no one another can.

Here we are going to mention some fabulous facts of WWE Supercard game which will enable you to enjoy more.


Training plays a vital role in the game because, with the help of it, gamers can make their valuable cards more powerful. Also, it helps them to enhance fighting skills or overall performance for winning all matches.

wwe supercard game training

If you have standard cards to use, then try to keep it in the training mode. Standard cards aren’t really useful in the game, but it can be held in the training mode. From that, users can make a combination of powerful cards to become a pro player in the WWE Supercard game.

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In most cases, if gamers wish to prepare a deck of stronger and unbeatable cards, they can use uncommon and rare cards also.

In-Game Currencies

Each game contains some currencies from which users are able to perform all tasks smoothly besides can purchase game items. WWE Supercard game includes two main kinds of currencies namely- Credits and energy.

Credits are considered as the primary currency of the game from which users can purchase new cards besides can upgrade existing cards. With the help of this currency, they can easily make their cards stronger.

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On the other hand, energy is considered as premium currencies from which users can take participate in king of the ring tournament. Or you might also need to know about wwe supercard cheats by using them you can easily earn unlimited amount of energy and credits.

Also, this currency helps them to wear out dull cards quickly or to revive the cards. Every gamer is suggested to maintain all currencies in the outstanding amount for playing the game smoothly besides to progress faster.

Support Cards

Support cards also play a vital role in the WWE Supercard game. With the help of these cards, users are able to govern the most active wrestlers without putting more efforts, time, or money. Performing these jobs timely may permit users to grab more benefits without getting stressed.

It is suggested you don’t use these cards at early challenges or stages because it may be used in hard situations more.

It helps to pass the levels or win the battles quickly with most active wrestlers. So you should keep patience in mind before using this card besides need to maintain every decision.