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Toon Blast: Learn About the Boosters and Their Advantage

toon blast boosters

Toon Blast is a well-known puzzle game with lots of amazing boosters available in it completes the levels.

The mobile industry is getting huge, and there are so many games that are behind, and one of them is a Toon Blast.

This puzzle game is developed by Peak, who is now a popular developer who gains popularity after releasing Toon Blast.

In the game boosters is an important thing which helps to complete the levels and there are so many boosters are available.

Both Android and iOS devices are properly compatible with the game, and it works so smooth while playing because of its optimization.

Learn about boosters

Boosters play a vital part in-game, and with the help of boosters, you cannot complete the higher levels. An expert player knows how important boosters are matter in-game, and that is why they do everything to earn it.

There are several kinds of boosters are available in-game, and every booster is an expert in doing one thing at once.

It helps to complete the levels faster and without losing any lives, which is an important part of the game. Now if you are willing to know about these boosters from the depth, you can read below –

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Rocket boosters

Rocket booster is very important in-game, which is why because it receives by making the combination of five cubes, which is the first priority of getting it.

While playing the game, players stuck at some point, and the exact time the rocket booster can be taken in use for vertically or horizontally.

After using it, it will clear the line in one attempt, which will be very helpful for players.

Dice boosters

It’s an amazing booster because it does not clear anything, but it shuffles the whole board.

The major thing to remember is that always uses it when you have no way to connect and then you need to use because it also shuffles tight thing also.

Anvil booster

this particular boost has the power to clear the full column with just one shot. You choose what column you want to clear.

Anvil is a great booster, and the majority of time gamers get it while completing the levels or you can take it from the ream players as well.

Boxing gloves booster

That’s a sweet kind of booster that every player wants in an unlimited amount because with the boxing gloves, you can clear the entire rows you are playing. Every gamer who plays Toon Blast knows how helpful is it, and if you are likely to use it, then it is sure that you will be happy to use it.

Disco ball booster

It’s an important booster, and it unlocks after players combine nine cubes. After using the Disco ball, the same color of cubes clears, which is a unique thing in-game.

All these boosters are the key to the game, and it is true that it helps the players a lot in completing the high levels.

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