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Moviestarplanet Cheats Tips And Hacks To Get Game Currencies

Moviestarplanet Cheats

MovieStarPlanet is an excellent RPG where you can live a star life. The game is a great connection to make some space in your personal virtual life.

Here are some moviestarplanet cheats that can help in collecting game currencies.

Daily bonus

Daily bonus is an excellent way to collect star coins from Movie star planet. As you log in the game, you get this bonus. For average players, the approach is to spin the silver wheel and collect the amount of coin. Your luck is a factor in that case. The silver spin wheel gives you a maximum of 40 starcoins.

However, if you are a VIP member, you can earn star coins from gold wheels also. The reward is too high, and you have the chance to get 200 starcoins from one spin. Moreover, to become a vip member you can also try one of the msp vip hack available online.

All the wheel spin is available once without spending anything.



Quests are another hack to get starcoins. In the activity tab, you get Quests which are refreshed at regular intervals. When you complete the activity, you get starcoins as a reward. The quests are quite straightforward, yet we advise you to think twice before entering them. If the dressing up Quest requires you to purchase items, then count your possibility of reward before getting in it.

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Apart from coins, you can get fame also from the quest part.

Watch a Movie

Watching a movie created by your fellow player is another excellent option to receive starcoins. You can visit the theatre section a d always a Movie is waiting for you. After you finish watching it you ha e to rate according to your liking. And then comes the reward section and you gain ten starcoins immediately.

Creating Movie

Similar to watching a movie, you have to create videos. Don’t hesitate to show your direction skill in creating it. As your Movies are viewed by other players, you get the bonus starcoins from it.

Creating a movie is not a hard job as you will get all sorts of editing tool and free background as well as free music from it.

Invitation Bonus

IN MSP, your friends can be your best help collecting star coins. Invite your friends by sending them an email.  You’re credited with 200 starcoins when they level past six.  But you can’t get coins if your friend doesn’t reach level six.

Side Games

MSP has some incredible side games to help you make coins for stars. Go to the games area from the main menu and select any game except arcade games. You have to play with another MSP player, such as Dress Up, Quiz, Crazy Cards, and Casting. You have the chance to draw the star coin wheel and earn money once you win the game.

Pamper Pets

Pets can grant you MSP coins as well. You’ll find people wandering around with pets every time you visit anywhere. Click on any pet to drop a couple of coins. You can pick it up from there.

Hope you are satisfied with the legit moviestarplanet cheats we have mentioned here. Stay tuned for more.