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Kim Kardashian Hollywood Tips, Hints, And Cheats

kim kardashian hollywood tips

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is a celebrity game where you can lead a virtual life of a famous person. The main objective of you in the game is to reach Tier-A and for that you must follow some kim kardashian hollywood tips.

Change your dress as often as you can

Whenever you can, you should alter your dress and retouch your makeup and hair. If you are turning yourself into the one you already possess, nothing else will cost you.

Furthermore, when you often get recognized by switching clothes, and you will earn points more frequently. So change the apparel first when you have to go on a new assignment or launch your next quest!

Only be sure that for too long you are not wearing the same outfit so that people can start chatting about it.

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Don’t spend star after purchasing clothes

purchase clotes

We have advised you to get clothes and change outfit often. But that must not be done in exchange for stars. Stars are most influential and must not be spent as you want.

At some point, you might run short of stars for spending lavishly on others.

Watch a video as and when you can

In the game, you must watch a video to collect some exclusive rewards. The rewards might be in K Stars and coins which are of much demand.

In a different section of stores, you will come across many videos which are different and you can collect those rewards easily. Here are some kim kardashian hollywood cheats that are amazingly interesting for us to get rewards.

Bring friends in gigs

As you are performing any gigs, you should invite your friends as often as you can. Interacting with friends in gigs or completing a photoshoot with them can earn rewards in the game.

Take long task before you take a leave

There are few long tasks in the game, and that takes time to complete. The best way to perform these tasks is to take up them when you are going on a break.

Your duties will run in parallel to your break, and when you come back, it will be on the verge of completion or even get completed.

Spend your cash to buy stars only

If you are willing to spend some cash, you should be purchasing stars only. Stars are the premium currency and can get you anything in the game you want.

If you are buying any other currency that has limitations.

Send gifts to A tier players

It is a great way to get noticed by the A-Tier players. As you send gifts to them, you can climb to their rank easily. So whenever you encounter any elite player greet them with your best.

Date as much as you can

Dating is another excellent way in the game to run a celebrity life and increase fan. In the game, you must be accumulating as much fan as you can, and through dating, you can get that. Spend coins on your dates as it is required.

But never do anything so that you are dumped.

Final Words

All the above tips can keep you closer to the game, and you will not get upset for anything. Stay happy with the gameplay and play it like a pro with the help of them.