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How to Get Free Xbox Live Codes Easily And Legally

free xbox live codes

Xbox Live

For all the Hard-Core Gamers, Xbox is not just a gaming console but their all-time partner. Users are going crazy for getting the free Xbox live codes.

You can use these gift cards for buying a lot of things like games, movies, TV series, Xbox accessories, Xbox gold subscriptions, Xbox game passes, different games and their subscription, and game coins as well. There are various options available on the internet to get these codes.

We are here to provide you with the best and legit ways to get your free Xbox live codes.

Best 8 Ways to Get Free Xbox Live Codes Legitimately


1. Use Bing to Get Great Deals

One of the best ways to get a significant amount of free Xbox codes is by using Bing for all your searches. Bing offers various offers and rewards for using their search engine as a preferred browser on your device.

bing rewards

To secure 100 Microsoft points, you have to earn 120 minimum points at least. Making free Xbox live gold codes on this search engine is straightforward; all you are required to do is use their browser for all your daily searches. But remember, there is a limit of points you can through this daily searches only. And if you are looking for free xbox live codes codes no surveys or no human verification then checkout the given source for more information on how to get them without any surveys or offers.

How does it work? – Download Bing browser from your Android device and make it your default browser. Use Bing for all your daily activities and points will keep adding which you can redeem later from the Microsoft app store.

2. Grab the Reddit Giveaways

Reddit has become an enormous platform for youth. It contains so many information from the people around the world. It works just like Quora, but comparatively better than that. It offers lots of Giveaways to its users. Till now, Reddit has distributed dozens of free Xbox live gift cards, google play cards, stream wallet cards, etc.

reddit giveaways

How to get it? – Some separate subreddits have been created for the Xbox lovers. You only have to keep following these subreddits to stay updated about the latest free Xbox codes and offers they announce.

3. Take the 14 Day Xbox Gold Membership Trial

If you are an Xbox user and never took the gold membership, then you can take this 14 days trial. If you are happy with their subscription charges and you can go on with the membership and enjoy benefits; otherwise, you have the option to unsubscribe your gold membership.

xbox live gold membership

How does it work? – To get the free Xbox live gold codes, you have to click on the ‘gold membership trial’ button first. Then your account details will be asked. You have to give the information even if you are not going to get along with the membership after trial. Fill your details, and your trial will begin.

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4. Login With Different Email ID

Who doesn’t like getting free things in this world? For all those who are continually looking for some free ways to get the Xbox live free trial codes to have one more option. You can create a different Microsoft account and get the advantage of gold membership for more than once.

email id change

Though Microsoft has created some barriers for this trick, you can still enjoy your Xbox live free trial codes for three times. Yes, you can subscribe with only 3 Microsoft account on one console now.

How to get it? – First, you have to create a new Microsoft account if you have already taken the gold membership trial. Now your bank details will be asked. You can fill some other person’s card detail if you have already from yours and your subscription has done.

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Always make sure to unsubscribe you trial one day before the trial end or else you will get charged.

5. Jump to Swagbucks

Swagbucks is the most trusted site on the internet when it comes to earning gift cards and rewards. A list of tasks will be given to you daily to complete, like watching videos, taking surveys, and playing games, etc. The points you earn here will appear as Swags which you have to get redeemed later from your Microsoft app store as free Xbox live gold codes no surveys.

swagbucks for xbox

How does it work? – To start earning on Swagbucks, you have to sign up on the website with your email ID. Now you have to wait for them to give you tasks. Whenever a new job comes, they will notify you. The more you work, the more will be your ‘swags’.

6. Download AppNana

AppNana is an app which offers various rewards including Xbox live free codes. You will be given tasks in the app like downloading games and playing them and points will be added as per your work. The points you earn in AppNana is called ‘Nana’.

These points can be redeemed later from the Microsoft app store once you earn sufficient amount.

7. Opinion City

It is a survey website which gives Xbox live free codes as rewards for taking surveys. To start earning, you have to register yourself first, and then some tests will be carried to know which kind of surveys will suit you. After that, you will be coordinated with the survey companies for work.

Now you have to start taking surveys given to you. Points will be added after each survey you do. It is a great website offering real and trusted surveys. Your points can be redeemed later to get the gift cards.

8. Register on MyPointscode

My points is a website which offers gift cards like steam wallet, Amazon card, Google play codes, and free Xbox live codes as well.  All you have to do is complete some set of tasks which you will be assigned and points will keep on multiplying.

The duties will include watching videos, taking surveys, giving feedbacks, downloading apps and many more. You can choose as per your choice.

Xbox Live Codes Generators – The Reality

While looking out for some ways to get free Xbox live Codes, several websites will appear in front of your offering generators for these codes. People who are new to this will get in the trap of these scammers. Every day there are thousands of people who use these generators and put their online privacy at stake.

These websites are a big scam which is fooling people around since a long time. For free Xbox live gold codes all working no generator is required. Now its time to educate people about the damage they are doing.

These generators are nothing but some fraud websites which takes your bank details and email ID and use them for their purpose. Never click on any link they provide otherwise your details will get hacked.

Final Words

Here we have mentioned all the legit ways you can use to get you free Xbox live codes. There are various ways available on the internet but don’t get the lure to destroy you. Always do proper research before choosing a path for earning these freebies as you can see scammers are sitting everywhere to take your advantage.