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Dragon City Cheats And Hacks

The initial success of any Mobile game is to keep the players engaged and keep them play for hours. Dragon City is a game that can make such things happen once you have a sufficient amount of gold and diamonds in your bag.

There is no way to start the game with a massive amount of golds and diamonds in your possession unless you spend all your paycheques. But if I tell you some dragon city cheats that you will get your required amount of gold and diamond at the appropriate time you need, I believe your uninterrupted play will not be a fail.

Use Dragon City Cheats To Increase Your Diamonds

You will find thousands of sites promising you unlimited Diamonds through their Dragon City hack apks. Truth to be told, there is no way to get Diamonds through any Generator. Instead you need to be consistent in playing the game. Here we suggest you some sure-shot dragon city hack and cheats that will boost your diamond income.

Basic Rules

Since getting a diamond is a tedious job in the game; therefore, you need to follow some basic rule to keep your diamond reserve consistently. Pay attention to earning more diamond than spending them. Never spend diamonds on decorating, speeding up any process like farming or hatching is the foremost cheats for dragon city.

Take Advantage from Daily Login

Similar to other games, Dragon city also provides you with daily login Bonus. There is a hooping Bonus of 45 diamonds from these daily logins. But I must say you need a bit of luck to get these diamonds.

Login to Facebook

Once you login to Facebook, you get ten diamonds for free. It is a one-time offer, but great to start with.

Social Media Giveaways

Social media, like Facebook, is a great place to earn some diamonds through regular contests. Unless you follow the game official account, you might not know about these cheats for Dragon City.

Try Levelling up Fast

Once you level up in your game, you get one diamond. At the initial stage, concentrate on clearing the bush and land to earn more XPs.

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Freebies Island

Freebies Island is a place where you can get twice the amount of diamonds by completing the task through them. You will find this island at the bottom right of the screen. Click on it and find the tasks for additional bonuses.

Monday Rewards

There is a Monday Reward in the game that gives you a chance to win five Diamonds. You need to choose the right card for this reward. The three cards available gives you the following:

  • Option 1: An elementary Dragon
  • Option 2: 5000 Gold
  • Option 3: five diamonds

Invite Your Friends:

You can invite as many of your friends by sending an invitation through the game. Once they accept an invitation and play the game up to level 15, you receive diamonds as rewards.

We have a dragon city hack in this matter. Create different account each for each of your device you own. Send invitation through one and play in all the devices up to level 15. You can earn diamonds in your primary account.

Jewelem’s Tower:

Once you reach level 12, you can unlock Jewelem’s Tower. You will get one Diamond every day merely clicking on this tower.

How you earn diamond playing the game

Dragon League Tournament

Participating in Dragon League tournament can make you two diamonds in each time you win. Take part in the combat world for thrice a day and earn up to six diamonds.

Dragon Tournament

Playing the dragon tournament every day, you can win up to four diamonds.

Dragon City Quests

Each time you take part in Quests and win, you earn Diamonds. You get two diamonds winning the first, and it increases as you gain more quests.

How to Earn Free Gold Frequently in Dragon City

Dragons and habitats are your primary gold generator in the game, and as you upgrade your dragons, the gold production increases. It is a basic thumb rule to feed your dragons and upgrade your habitat to earn more golds. But some other dragon city cheats give you a boost of gold in the game.

Monthly Calendar

There is a monthly calendar that provides you with some freebies every day, and that includes diamonds also. You have to collect these items daily, but the best part of it is if you miss any day you can recover them by watching an ad.

Daily Goals

Play Dragon City based on the daily Goals set at the left side of your screen. You can earn Gold, Food XPs as you complete each of them.

Earn from Recruitment Market

Visiting the Recruitment Market, recruiting your mates, and then choosing the Medieval Dragon prize is a fast route to obtain gold. The Medieval Dragon sells for 200,000 gold.

Help Your Fellow Players

Every day you get a chance to help your fellow players that gives you some gold and XPs in return. It is the easiest dragon city hack in the game to earn free gold.

Other Dragon City Hacks to Earn Gold

  • Buy And sell Farms in Dragon city to make golds
  • You can get handful amount if golds through daily login
  • Watching Ads is another excellent dragon city hack to earn gold and food. You need to visit Freebies Island for these rewards
  • Maze tower is also another way to win gold in Dragon City.

Caution About Dragon City Gold & Diamond Generators

The Internet is engulfed with dragon city mod apk. These sites are merely a scam and do not give you any of these resources. Better to stay away and save your valuable time from them and follow our dragon city cheats mentioned above.


Dragon City is all about playing the game and becoming the master dragon trainer. Build your empire of Dragons and create new dragons through continuous breeding. Our above dragon city cheats are all useful and only available in the game that gives you diamonds and gold.