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A Comprehensive Beginners Guide to Guns of Glory Game


Guns of Glory is one of the exciting multiplayer battle game available on Android and iOS devices. In the game, players need to create a mighty kingdom and army to fight with other enemies.

As it is a multiplayer game, you need to compete with hundreds of online gamers to come at number one. Every user needs to adopt a strategic plan for winning besides gaining an array of benefits.

Lots of exciting tasks, missions, challenges are added in Guns of Glory game that gamers need to complete. Completing each challenge offers a certain amount of in game currencies, resources, points as well as rewards.

Playing the game efficiently helps users to explore endless fun besides reduce daily life stress. You can easily play with friends and can make a powerful alliance to progress faster like no one another can. If you are a beginner in Guns of Glory game, focus on the beginners guide to guns of glory below.


For teaching some basics, what’s inside the game, features, functions, purpose, the game offers a great tutorial to players.

For understanding how to play the game or what’s exciting in the game, you should play the tutorial first. Sometimes learning all basics help users to enjoy the purpose of play with hundreds of unusual characters.


Hundreds of fabulous events are organized in Guns of Glory game that offers more entertainment to users. Participating and winning each event provides different kinds of rewards, gifts, bonus as well as cool prizes to players. Try to complete all activities for gaining all items faster.


Four buildings you need to create where you can use the troops to make them more powerful. Barracks, stables, shooting range, and artillery foundry are those four main centers.

Keep upgrades those troops which are weaker in power and energy as it allows them to become stronger. Performing training most of the time helps a user to win more battles without facing more complications.

So, try to spend more time to train the troops as it allows players to succeed faster like no one another can.

Exchange system

Going to market stalls allows gamers to adopt the exchange system well. When one gets failed to build more buildings or upgrade the kingdom, they can quickly go for such guns of glory cheats that is called Exchange System.

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By exchanging in game currencies, they can purchase different upgrades as well as building material instantly. Also, they are able to trade resources for obtaining other kinds of items/things.


As we mentioned above, users are allowed to make their own mighty alliance to play the game smoothly. It is considered as one of the significant features of the game that help users to perform every work smoothly without getting frustrated.

If an individual doesn’t want to create an alliance, they can quickly join others by sending a request. Team members are always ready to help each other while building, collecting resources, and so on. Also, it offers an alliance teleport that sends you directly to the member’s place.