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Avakin Life: Your gateway to earning Avacoins

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Avakin Life, an exciting game, but challenging if the ways to make Avacoins and Avabucks are not known to you. Through the following hacks, you could be able to earn a sufficient quantity of these two items so that they do not become a hindrance in your virtual life.

#1.           Work at the café

Working at the restaurant is indeed a smart life hack in Avakin. You can take the job in just the 23 street cafe that can add up to 500 Avacoins per day.

You can gain in your fantasy life almost as you work hard and earn in any cafeteria. The player can gain EXP when serving in the cafeteria, which can contribute to even more credits later on.

Diamonds will be transferred to your balance if your personality acquires job completion every day. These Additional diamonds will help you boost your game level.

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#2.           Earn Avabucks

Avabucks are a better and stronger currency in Avakin Life. When you grab a lot of them, you can make sure you will get almost everything from the game.

Even Avabucks can be exchanged to Avacoins. All you need to go to an ATM and trade these currencies. So try to gain more Avabucks through completing missions, tasks, jobs.

#3.           Get yourself a stunning look

Wear a glamorous dress and create a stunning look in Avakin Life. There is also an advantage of it as creating a perfect outfit you can earn bonus coins later on.

Avakin life cheats can attach a classy look to your character by choosing the right dress, a trendy hairstyle and a new pair of shoes.

This attire draws more means to secure attention. Make sure you have a great style by incorporating matching outfits, customized pockets, and jewellery to capture more Avacoins and diamonds. You’ll get the upper hand by these points to elevate your standard. Your perfect looks will lead to a path to unlock more stories.

#4.           Visit parties

Bonus benefits will be applied to your wallet when attending further events. Many parties are hosted every Saturday or the end of the month, which is going to be a great way to earn money.

It will bring some exciting incentives for you to join every session. Through joining these parties and finding new people, gems, Avacoins and other presents were received.

#5.           Promoting on social media

The simple way of advertising the game feature on social media rewards coins. Twitter, Facebook, and several other sites include Avakin official page; you must begin to follow it and regularly get updates on new deals and incentives.

You can, however, earn money by expanding the game to your family members. The more users you bring to join the game, the more prizes are given.