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An Ultimate Beginners Guide for DragonVale

The most played dragon collection game in the world, Backflip Studios’ DragonVale, offers players access to over 500 different mythical dragons.

dragonvale beginners guide

Players have to hatch the dragon eggs, secure them in habitats, feed and nourish them to create the most decorated islands in the game. Don’t miss out on the action and start the game with a plan to reach the elusive 100+ level. Here’s a how to get started in the game –

How to Get Started in DragonVale Game?

  • As soon as you download the game from the Play Store and load it, a short tutorial will help you through the process of building a village. Firstly, you will be asked to plant your first dragon for the village.
  • To start building these ‘dragon plants’ go to the ‘Market’ section button and click the ‘eggs menu’ to gain access to all the eggs. Once you get an egg, you can purchase your first dragon with DragonCash. Don’t worry, you will have an initial amount to start off with.
  • After purchasing your first dragon, allow it to rest in the nursery until it hatches.
  • Before the dragon hatches, prepare your island by making it more hospitable. Create a plant habitat. Visit the Market section again and visit the ‘Habitats’ section to buy a plant habitat. Drag the habitat and select an appropriate spot on your island to establish a habitat. Each dragon has particular characteristics that decide which habitats are the most suitable for them. At the start, you can only get a plant habitat and dragon.
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After you have hatched your first dragon, display it proudly on your park by clicking the green “Place” option, and choosing a suitable habitat. Start earning more DragonCash and build your island to be the best.

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