How to choose the best hiking shoes


Hiking and backpacking boots are one of the essential gear choices that you can make.They determine the quality and comfort of your time when out on the trail so let’s take a look at how to select the perfect pair of boots for your outdoor adventures.

Primary considerations to take into account when looking at purchasing a new hiking pair of boots.

Depending on where you’re going to be using the hiking boot climate terrain weather and then like what kind of style of hiking boots you’re looking for there are four main categories of hiking boots :

Low cut ultralight hiking boots

  • Ultralight hiking boots are designed for the backpacker who wants to cut down on their weight on their trips.Most of them are not waterproof, they’re mostly lightweight breathable, but they provide more comfortable comfort through the day they’re going to keep your feet dry even if you go through the water they’re going to breathe a lot faster, so you are going to dry out quicker.
  • Another advantage is that they provide a little bit more ankle support other than the low-cut ones do, and they also have aggressive truck tread and lugs on the bottom.

All general all-purpose hiker

  • Usually they are a little bit stiffer so you are going to have a bit more support when yo go on different angles and different terrain and most of them come with the waterproof liner like a Gore-tex or Keens liner, so you are going to be prepared for anything that the trail has to throw at you, so they are just good all-around tight, durable boots.

Backpacking Hiking Boots

  • Most of them are all leather, so you’re going to get a lot of waterproofing, but you also should use wax to give an extra boost of waterproof.Also, most of them have Vibram soles, so they are going to provide a little bit more traction and a bit more stability and then it’s a lot wider of a base than a traditional hiking shoe.
  • As far as the sole goes, you are going to look for just deep lugs within, and this feature will also help to get more traction.
  • All around, these type of boots will provide you with a lot more support for your feet to carry to transfer that load that you are taking on your back.

Mountaineering and winter hiking boots

  • These are often a lot stiffer than the other ones.Most of them have a steel shank in them.
  • Usually, they have a gator clip and backing that will make it available for snowshoes, and the most important feature is the warm insulation which makes it better for kind of a winter backpacking expedition.
  • Overall they are a bit more versatile and the fact that it offers attachment points for Gators or snowshoes crampons it going to make your experience much more comfortable and pleasant.

Is the price an indicator of quality?

Often price can be an indicator of quality, but a lot of people tend to shy away from the costly boots and go towards a less expensive boot, but you should keep in mind that even though you are gonna spend more money at first, in time you will realize that you saved money.