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#XFilesRevival to Air in Early 2016?

032415 X-FilesWith #XFilesRevival set to begin filming this June, fans have been eagerly awaiting any and all new news about the project. Luckily for the fandom, Chris Carter took time out of his hectic schedule to sit down with The Globe and Mail today to talk about the upcoming revival and even stated the likely air date will be in early 2016.

Interview Highlights:

Joel Ransom will serve as Director of Photography for the limited series run. Fans may remember him as DP from seasons 4 and 5.

Mark Freeborn will be back as Production Designer. Fans will remember his work on The X-Files: I Want to Believe.

The revival will seek to be honest to the passage of time, the mythology, and where the characters’ relationships are now.

This 6-episode run may not be it for The X-Files. Carter hints at the possibility of more, and even mentions the storylines may not be wrapped up this go around. Whether he plans to continue the series via film (see our Chris Carter interview) or another limited series run, in true Carter fashion, The Truth is Out There.

Check out the full interview at The Globe and Mail!

Featured Video - Light Carries On

Nothing makes a Fanvid Friday a happy occasion like a new Snakey vid. As always the editing is flawless and the song (Sleeping at Last - Saturn) combined with our favorite 'ship will tug at your heartstrings in all the right ways. Enjoy!


Netflix Brings The X-Files on HD


You have no excuse to keep delaying that X-Files marathon now! Well, that is if you're a subscriber to Netflix

The streaming service has begun uploading HD versions of the episodes, and boy, do they look pretty! Right now, (as of April 23rd, 2015 5PM PST) we have confirmed that episodes up to "Beyond the Sea" can be enjoyed in High Definition. We hope that gradually the service can offer all the episodes in this improved resolution!

Get cracking, X-Philes!


Recap & Review: Scorpion's "Postcards From The Edge"


In the previous episode of Scorpion, the monumental news of the Baghdad operation came to light. Cabe resigned, and Paige also decided to leave the team because of her fears of Ralph becoming Walter. This resulted in him grabbing a Ferrari loaned by Elia and driving like a madman to drain his frustrations, but trying to avoid a coyote, he ended up going off the road and down a cliff in the middle of the night.

Take the jump for the recap and review of Scorpion's season finale.

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Top Ten Tuesdays: Creepy Musical Moments


Over the years The X-Files has given millions of viewers nightmares and made us all look twice at dolls, porta-potties, and air vents. The show's creepy atmosphere was enhanced by the amazing work of composer Mark Snow, however there were a select number of times when the show diverged from Snow's compositions and used outside music, frequently juxtaposing happy chart friendly hits with deeply disturbing scenes. Read after the jump for our Top 10 songs you'll never be able to hear again in quite the same way after they appeared on the show.

Read more: Top Ten Tuesdays: Creepy Musical Moments

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